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Product Overview

Disrupting the status quo, one certificate at a time

Certificate Hero is a SaaS platform which allows insurance brokers and their clients to efficiently and accurately issue and manage Certificates of Insurance from start to finish. Certificate Hero is a single solution that empowers brokers with improved accuracy and efficiency and insureds with 24/7 certificate management.

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Our industry-leading AI-driven contract parsing automatically reviews insurance requirements.

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Realtime AMS connectivity enables our AI and ML technology to deliver reliable, consistent certificates.

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Policy to contract mismatches are flagged automatically, increasing client retention and driving revenue growth.

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What the experts have to say

“Just showing the contract and certificate side by side is a product."

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“This platform is the ultimate unfair advantage for insurance brokers.”

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Seamless Automation

Contract Analytics
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Certificate Hero reviews and annotates contracts and compares insurance requirements with policy data to increase accuracy and limit back-and-forth corrections.

Smart Certificate Templates
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Templates in Certificate Hero are data-driven and update automatically when policy coverage changes. Templates are flexible and designed to be a springboard for issuing certificates, not a blocker.

All-In-One Design
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Certificate Hero aggregates all certificate tasks, documents, and data on a single platform in order to collect, issue, and manage certificates faster. Processors can work more efficiently without balancing multiple software tools.

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Data-Driven Safeguards

Realtime AMS Connectivity
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Certificate Hero supports realtime integrations with leading Agency Management Systems to ensure certificates are created with the most current accurate policy data available.

Form Validation and Controls
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Certificate Hero's revolutionary live ACORD® form editor allows processors to build certificates directly in PDF format, and includes validation and controls to ensure coverage values are accurate and appropriate for the specific certificate form and context.

Industry and Agency Best Practices
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Administrators can customize Certificate Hero to support and enforce certificate best practices with ease. This feature ensures certificates are issued accurately and consistently without the need for strict supplementary quality control. All certificate actions are logged and available for compliance and audit tracking.

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New Revenue Opportunities

Coverage Deficiency Identification
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Certificate Hero identifies coverage to contract deficiencies which provides brokers an opportunity to help their insureds meet contract requirements, either through contract renegotiation or through increasing insurance coverages.

Customer Retention Tool
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Certificate Hero's self-service portal for insureds is a key differentiator for brokers. Administrators can customize the insured experience and implement safeguards for efficient and accurate certificate issuance. Insureds can self-issue certificates for those last-minute or off-hours needs.

Powerful Data Analytics
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All parts of the certificate lifecycle are tracked within Certificate Hero and all data is made available to brokers through integrations with major data analytics, CRM, and Business Intelligence tools, including Salesforce, Google Data Studio, and PowerBI.

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